http://www.whitechapel.com.au/ WhiteChapel’s Website gallery has been updated with 21 different weddings we’ve had in the last little while at WhiteChapel Estate. These are WhiteChapel’s photos but it’s amazing how each photographer has a unique view on all the different photo opportunities they have available at WhiteChapel, so even in the same spot you can get all kinds of beautiful and creative shots. It’s exciting to see. There was a lot more photos too but if they’re all there it slows down a little too much.

WhiteChapel – WhiteChapel Receptions

Located on four lovely acres, the WhiteChapel Estate is the Peninsula’s best kept secret! Hosting only one wedding at a time, enables us to give you, your family and your friends our undivided attention to ensure your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience.



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