What an amazing and totally joyful day we had yesterday for Katie & Brett’s ceremony and reception at WhiteChapel Estate. The sun shone, love was in the air and happiness abounded! Thanks to the lovely Julie Cowley for conducting the ceremony, it was uneventful, wasn’t it? 😉 Beautiful people…we had a really great day! Wishing you both many days of happiness and joy and strength to face all of life’s days with love and grace! Thank you for choosing WhiteChapel. p.s. I love the welcome board for guest seating that Katie made herself, it was really lovely.


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  1. Katie Louise Skurrie 8 years ago

    Thankyou to Julie, your endless support made our day magical, you are a beautiful lady with a heart of gold and Brett and I will be forever grateful for giving us the most amazing wedding day. The venue is incredible, staff amazing and the food was delicious. Thankyou again for making our wedding day one we will never forget x

  2. Wilglymn 2 years ago

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