Warm Winter Weddings at WhiteChapel. Did you know WhiteChapel is open for your wedding ceremony and reception all year round? We have a stunning heritage chapel that will hold up to 120, that is warm & cosy on the coldest of days, set in a delightful, private, spacious and serene area of bush and gardens. WhiteChapel also has a stylish and cosy Terrace Room with a log fire for your guests at pre dinner drinks time and a large covered verandah should they wish to go outside. Our reception room is fully heated…so it’s not just love that will keep you warm! Warm Winter Wedding receptions at WhiteChapel can also save you money! All these photos are from Winter Weddings and we still have lots of great photo opportunities in late Autumn and Winter no matter what Melbourne’s weather brings. So you need to get in quick for June, July and August 2017


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