Spring has sprung at WhiteChapel (not the Ornamental Pear trees though…they’re always lagging behind)! If you’re planning a Spring Summer wedding for 2017, it’s starting to book out at WhiteChapel. 2nd of September 2017 is the only September Saturday now available…but guess what? You get these beautiful blossoms that last about 10 days! Get in quick!!


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  1. Cheryl May 7 years ago

    My daughter was married here, most beautiful day.

  2. Heidi Scholz 7 years ago

    Beautiful gardens,such a magical place for that very, very special occasion.

  3. WhiteChapel Estate 7 years ago

    …and congratulations Deidre & Geoff on your 1st Wedding Anniversary.

  4. Ron Gallagher 7 years ago

    Lovely place. Can’t wait to get back there and do my thing.

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