Melbourne’s wedding was ordinary yesterday for Kim and Ryan’s wedding but nothing else was!! Kim looked absolutely stunning and Ryan looked very handsome and rather dapper. The ceremony was conducted beautifully by the ever lovely, unflappable Alisa Melhuish and when it rained we simply moved to the Terrace Room to sign the official paperwork. So Kim got her wish to be married in the garden and we went with that. Photos were able to be shot under the verandahs and in between showers in the garden areas. A marvellously happy crowd meant that “everybody had a great night” – thank you Kim…I’m happy you all did! Wishing you bon voyage for your trip to NY and many happy, love-filled years ahead. Thank you for choosing WhiteChapel! x


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  1. Kim Janssen 7 years ago

    we had the most amazing day! julie made sure everything ran smoothly even when things didn’t go to plan!! the food was amazing aswell … thank you so much!

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