Interested to read about wet weather option at another venue for a wedding being held there today. Comments on FB:- “Also depends on whether the bride is prepared to get a little damp.” Virtually nowhere for photos out of the rain.” I don’t know too many brides who want to be a “little damp”. At WhiteChapel we have the glorious chapel and yes, you can have family photos in there out of the rain in warmth and comfort and some bridal party shots too. We have big rustic covered verandahs, a lovely Terrace Room with a fire and more verandahs. Also always be prepared with BIG beautiful umbrellas for some rainy shots. Always ask your venue to show you PLAN B for ceremony etc! A back shed, the cellar, a tarpaulin etc are not very glam options! Here’s some of our lovely brides and grooms in covered areas looking very happy and DRY!


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