I get very excited and sometimes a little bit overwhelmed when couples come back to book at WhiteChapel and say …”visited you about a month ago.
We haven’t found another property as beautiful as White Chapel so we would love to book with you! Another 2019 wedding or 2! Another… “I got told by everyone to have a look around before committing to a place. And WhiteChapel was our first venue we looked at.
… I have fallen in love and can’t go past it. We compare everything to it.” You too can be this happy and excited!



  1. Anonymous 6 years ago

    Julie you have a stunning beautifully manicured venue which offers so many photo opportunities, choice of beautiful chapel or gorgeous garden and then there’s you keeping everyone calm and attending to all the details. You should be proud x

  2. Anonymous 6 years ago

    Absolutely perfect venue. Julie is fantastic at keeping everything on track.

  3. Anonymous 6 years ago

    Perfect venue for everyone
    One of my favourites x

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