Burke’s Flat
Uniting & Anglican Church
Nov 10th 1868 – April 6th 1997

During the early part of 1999 the then owners of Sha’ron Convention Centre as it was then named began the restoration of the old Burke’s Flat chapel, that had been transported to Langwarrin about 12 months before. It took about 6 months to rebuild with many helping hands and first class trades people, and the restoration was completed in November 1999…with a new stained glass window, an extension with matching windows and a new porch. A magnificent achievement. The photo to the right is the original building which was updated in the early 1920’s with the “new” building we now have.

From the memoirs of Rev Charles Gallacher (pictured left):-
Worship at Burke’s Flat began in the early 1860’s and a building was erected for a school and place of worship for all the Protestant denominations. Rev William Hall was the first C of E minister there. In 1873 the Government took over the building under lease until the new school was built in 1875. The rent derived from the use of the building enabled it to be fitted up for a Church, for which it was used solely after that. This building was rectangular with two windows either side and a porch with a bell tower on top, in front.

The first organist and first bride was Eleanor Fone nee Lever (pictured right), the wife of William Fone who was the manager of the Burke’s Flat mine. It’s interesting to note that the descendants of John Fone, namely the Rodgers and Gallachers worshipped in the chapel continuously for 129 years.

The bell that is presently in the chapel at the Langwarrin site is the original bell that came out from Scotland with the Gallacher family. It is still used to ring out happily at the Weddings of the many couples who now use the chapel for their wedding ceremonies.

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