Carmel decided to retire from her solo Highland Fling and instead tied “the knot” yesterday with her partner James! Thanks to Chris Brember Celebrant Services for a lovely marriage service. Our delightful piper was Bruce and there was a lovely guard of honour too for our beautiful bride Carmel and her proud Dad Lionel. Such special moments for a special couple. The weather became kinder as the day progressed but everyone was warm and comfortable in the chapel and afterwards for a very happy reception celebration. Thank you both for choosing WhiteChapel Estate. Here’s a little Scottish blessing for you… “Wherever you live in the world so wide, We wish you a nook on the sunny side, With much love and little care, A little purse with money to spare, Your own little hearth when day is spent, In a little house with hearts content.” x Mornington Peninsula Weddings Sensation Entertainment




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